An expert in the field of environmental monitoring with focus on solutions for Meteorology, Hydrology, Pollution, Waste Water, Geology and etc.

Horbonyan Ltd is an Iranian registered trading company with licenses to operate in various technology fields. We have been in business since 1988 and have extensive experience in the field of Environmental control. Our clients are Iranian Meteorological Organization, Ministry of Energy, Regional Waters Organization, Department of Environment,Ministry of Roads and Transportation, Oil & Gas Industries, Airports, Agricultural Research Institutes, various industries such as Copper, Metal, Pharmaceutical, Clean Energies, and etc. We employ some of the finest in the respective industries and offer a high level of service to our customers and suppliers.


We are partners with a number of internationally recognized and trusted names within the industry. Our knowledge of the market and field experience of over 28 years, combined with the quality products our partners manufacture, has enabled us to supply to a magnificent market size in the country.


Our well-trained and expert technicians, install and put into operation the equipment that we supply even in the most remote locations throughout the country. Our team has installed weather stations in many locations from the central desert to mountainous regions of Iran.


We provide our customers with maintenance and support of the equipment we have supplied. Our technicians are trained to provide such services and our partners are committed to assist us in providing great customer experience when it comes to after sales support.


We have been serving various industries in the Iranian market. From the Meteorological Organization of Iran, to Agriculture, Mining, Aviation, Energy Sector, Manufacturing, Water and Sewage, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical and etc. we have been supplying and supporting their environmental monitoring needs for decades.